Perfect timing for Pre-emergent application and set up your Turf Care Plan for the new year!

It is the beginning of the year.  As the Farmer's Alamac had predicted, we would have a colder and longer winter in 2018 and 2019.   Recent about-to-throw-off-the-roof blustery winds and beyond freezing temperature have only proved its rightness.  Even though spring will not officially descend until late March, spotting the tiny buds formed on the magnolia tree in my front yard has produced the satisfying promise that I have been longing for, a promise of leaves and blossom. 

Just like the beautiful magnolia tree has cleverly sealed its first batch of leaves in the bud while the unmerciful winter is present, the crabgrass and dandelions are deploying the similar strategy to get through the winter and poised for a head start to take over your yard for the summer. Be aware!

Weeds retreat underground to survive the winter

In the cold winter, on the surface it seems like the weeds have died out. But the reality is that they simply retreat underground.  Most annual weeds produce enormous amount of seeds and these seeds stay dormant to survice the cold weather.  If you have not done so, you need to conduct pre-emergent.  Pre-emergent, as its name suggests, is designed to eliminate the weeds before it emerges,  or in another word, before the weed germinates, and is an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. 

Never too late to apply pre-emergent

Pre-emergent will not kill existing plant. Instead it will prevents weeds from successfully growing.  Typically, pre-emergent is conducted from September through November.  But that is assuming you already have a well established turf care routine inplace. If you don't have a turf/care routine, it is never too late to apply pre-emergent. Because the reason is that not all weed seeds geminates at the same time.  Seeds of different type of weeds germinate at different times.  Even the seeds of the same weeds mature at different timings.  So it is never too late to apply pre-emergent to kill the weeds that are still in seeds. 

Establish Turf Care Plan

Our turf care program has total 8 treatment annually.  We treat each yard differently based on your specific condition to ensure a lush and green yard.  Give us a call today at 404-557-3212 or fill out the free estimate form and let us help you to apply pre-emergent and get you into the routine for turf care.