Turf Lawn Care Program

Tailed Approach Specific for Your Yard

Each yard is different, with its unique condition entailing specific service needs.  Unlike some company provide a vanilla treatment package to all yards, Green Grass treats each yard differently and provides the unique service combination at the correct interval that your yard needs.  For every client Green Grass signs up, the owner Aaron inspects the yard in person to evaluate the condition and design customized service step and process needed to keep your yard vibrant and strong.

Premium Products

Many lawn care companies use toxic pesticide when treating lawns.  Green Grass knows better! We always use the premium products in the industry and follow agronimic approach, utilizing premium fertilizers and pesticides with no harsh chemicals.  

Multi-Step Lawn Care Program

Our multi step turf care program includes everything you need for a healthy, lush, and weed free lawn. 

  • 8 treatments annually
  • Year round weed control
  • Each treatment is based on agronomic stages with optimal results